How to Troubleshoot Live Smooth Streaming Issues? – Part 3 (Event Logs )

2. Event Logs

The next important place to check for live smooth streaming diagnostic information is the event viewer for windows event logs. In Event Viewer, go to “Windows Logs” –> “Application” and look for events from “IIS Live Smooth Streaming” source.




IIS Media Services outputs various kinds of events for live smooth streaming publishing points. These events cover publishing point state changes (start/stop/shutdown), stream information, source information and all error information. Below is a table listing all the event templates for core publishing point operations that are used in IIS Media Services 4.0. The event template in IIS Media Services 3.0 is different and has less information than 4.0 – another reason to upgrade to IIS Media Services 4.0. Events for certain specific features (e.g. Apple iOS streaming) are not listed here.


Event ID

Message Template


3001 Publishing point '%1' was started.  
3002 Publishing point '%1' was stopped.  
3003 Publishing point '%1' was shutdown.  
3006 Failed to start publishing point '%1'. Error: %2.  
3007 Failed to stop publishing point '%1'. Error: %2.  
3008 Failed to shut down publishing point '%1'. Error: %2.  
3009 Stream '%1' for publishing point '%2' was started. The ‘%1’ here is the stream ID, more specifically the value that the encoder put in the /Stream() URL section.
3010 Stream '%1' for publishing point '%2' was stopped. Error: %3. This event indicates that a particular stream has stopped. It could be caused by:
1. Manual publishing point stop command. In this case, the error string will be “The stream was stopped.”
2. Clean ending after EOS from the encoder stream with error string “The operation completed successfully. - 0X00000000. “
3. Other errors causing stream stop. The error string will contain the actual error information.
3011 Source '%1' of stream '%2' was connected to publishing point '%3'. A source that belongs to a stream has connected to the publishing point. Keep in mind that there could be more than more sources for a particular stream (e.g. redundant sources). %1 is the network address of the remote source.
3012 Source '%1' of stream '%2' was disconnected from publishing point '%3'. Error: %4. This event happens every time that a source was removed from the stream processing. It could be caused by manual publishing point stop, source clean ending or any other errors. Please refer to the notes for event 3010 for error code information.
3013 Source '%1' of stream '%2' sent End-of-Stream (EOS) fragment to publishing point '%3'. This is the event that logs EOS. Any EOS sent by a source will trigger the corresponding stream to stop.
3014 Source  '%1' of stream '%2' was unexpectedly disconnected from publishing point '%3'. Error: %4. This event means unexpected connection drop that happened to a source. When it happens, the stream will still be in “started” state (because no EOS was sent) waiting for the encoder to reconnect.
3015 Publishing point '%1' is in an error state. Stream '%2' was disconnected from the publishing point. An encoder stream failed to connect to the publishing point because it’s in an error state.
3016 The stream event ID for Stream '%1' is not valid. The stream was disconnected from publishing point '%2'. If the encoder is using the event ID option (a way to uniquely identify a live session) and the validation for the event ID failed (e.g. inconsistent event ID within a session), this event will get fired.
3017 Failed to create archive path '%1' for publishing point '%2'. Error: %3. It could be caused by invalid archive path or permission issues. This one is for the archive folder.
3018 Failed to create archive file '%1' for publishing point '%2'. Error: %3. Similar to above but for the individual archive file.
3019 Failed to write to archive file '%1' for publishing point '%2'. Error: %3. Failed to write new data to the archive file (e.g. out of disk space).

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  • I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 that has Expression Encoder 4 Pro installed on it, and encoding directly to a Live Smooth Streaming publishing point also on the server. This setup works well most of the time, but every now and then I get a pair of events - 3012 and 3014 - that cause a network error and break the connection from the encoder to the publishing point.
    The encoder then presents a message "A network error has occurred causing the encode to stop."
    Preliminary troubleshooting indicates that on several occasions, a simultaneous System event happens: Event 1, Kernel-General, The system time has changed to from . The time change differential is typically about 2 seconds.
    Disabling the Windows Time service seems to resolve the problem.

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