How to Configure HTTP Proxy Settings for Publishing Point Push/Pull Connections

If you use push/pull connection feature on IIS Live Smooth Streaming publishing points, you might run into a problem where somehow those connections failed to be established even though the same URLs work fine from your desktop applications (say Expression Encoder). If your server is behind a HTTP proxy, there is a good chance that it’s caused by the lack of HTTP proxy setting for your IIS worker process. IIS worker process by default runs under a lower privileged account and is not able to pick up the Internet Connection settings from your desktop user. The way to fix this problem is to use “netsh” command to set a machine level HTTP proxy for WinHTTP which the publishing point uses for establish push/pull connections.

An example of the command would be: “netsh winhttp set proxy myproxy” and you should see the following output:

Current WinHTTP proxy settings:

    Proxy Server(s) :  myproxy
    Bypass List     :  (none)

The proxy value will be encoded in this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections\WinHttpSettings

For more information about configuring WinHTTP through netsh commands, you can check out

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  • Can you please answer my question on following thread or here?

    Thread text:

    I've two Azure windows virtual machines (VM1, VM2) and I am creating publish point on both machine using Push-Pull.

    VM1 is for Push (

    VM2 is for Pull (

    With this scenario encoding is working fine but when I check the publishpoint manifest on browser using:

    start time of both manifest are different, about 30-40 seconds. So the media start positing is changed. Another thing is that if on vm2 encoding doesn't start immediate, I checked it by reloading above manifest links in browser.

    I want to know how can I get the pull video from start? I mean both video starts from same position.


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