Fragmented MP4 vs. MPEG2-TS

Today there are a few popular HTTP adaptive streaming solutions in the industry including Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). One important difference among these solutions is the file format that’s being used. More specifically, both Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming use Fragmented MP4 file format while Apple HLS uses MPEG2-TS.

Very recently, a white paper was published by Tim Siglin, a well-known digital media consultant and writer with Transitions, Inc., that compares these two file formats and discusses in detail about why Fragment MP4 is a superior format than MPEG2-TS for HTTP adaptive streaming. Microsoft and Adobe also have jointly contributed to this white paper. Read from the links below if you’re interested:

The white paper

Tim Siglin’s blog

Microsoft’s blog

Adobe’s blog


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