WebMatrix Beta – Beta 3 Released!

Just a few short weeks ago, we shipped WebMatrix Beta 2.  We fixed a lot of bugs and stabilized the product overall in that release.  Beta 3 is different.  There are all sorts of new features to try out! 

Download WebMatrix Beta 3 today:


Highlights include:

  • A new and improved look and feel for Web Platform Installer
    • Spotlight Products and Applications show right at the start, highlighting some of the coolest and latest releases!
    • Updated Options Dialog allowing users to choose their target Web Application install location, language preference and custom feed.image
  • IIS 7.5 Express Beta 3 is now a stand-alone product
    • Use the simple and self-contained version of IIS for local development and troubleshooting.
  • New and improved WebMatrix Features
    • Check out the updated ASPNet Razor Template Websites.
    • Users can now search in for Apps in WebMatrix’s Web Application Gallery.  Applications that users want are now easier to find!
    • PHP Developers that are starting a site from scratch can just enable PHP in the websites settings page.
    • Website deployment to hosters running Microsoft WebDeploy is easier than ever with Import Profile, Download Published Site and Checking Site Compatibility!
    • Management of complex database key relationships is better than ever with the brand new relationship dialog.
    • WebMatrix reports has added filtering, groupings and views for all of your SEO reports.
    • We added an Options dialog to help configure important WebMatrix settings like default application installation location and editor settings.
  • WebDeploy has been updated to include new Website pullback functionality and bug fixes.
    • It is now easier to keep archived sites in sync by pulling back and saving the latest live website data.

As always, we are grateful for your feedback and comments.  Members of our development team review and respond to posts on these various forums:

You can see additional posts about WebMatrix here:


  • Still lots of problems with this release, and many areas for improvement!
    * Clicking "My Sites" in the startup dialog and on the ribbon crashes WebMatrix here.
    * Photo Gallery template site crashes upon uploading first photo.
    * Calendar template site stops on "The Request Local Time Zone has not been set"
    * Site from Template dialog doesn't give any explanation about the samples provided.

  • Hi Coreland,

    Thanks for pointing these out! If you haven't already, please post the specific issues to Microsoft Connect:

    There we can start investigating and troubleshooting the exact issue. We really appreciate the feedback!


  • To the Anonymous person:

    Try uninstalling the previous version of WebMatrix if you have an older version. Otherwise, stop by the Connect site and file a bug. One of us will get back to you with more information there.

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