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NuGet is a versatile library package system that allows users to  extend their web applications with some really cool tools.  WebMatrix V1 users who are familiar with NuGet remember that they had to access the NuGet Package manager through the ASP.NET WebPages administration page.  Now, in WebMatrix 2, NuGet is fully integrated into the files workspace.

Getting Started With Templates

WebMatrix 2’s templates are designed to help get people started with developing cool ASP.NET WebPages applications quickly and easily.  Some of these templates include NuGet library packages that extend the basic functionality of the application.  To quickly see what NuGet packages came with your application, navigate to the files workspace and click the NuGet Gallery button in the ribbon.  Below shows which packages come with the Bakery template.


Integrated NuGet Package Management

When users launch the NuGet Gallery, they can quickly see if there are package updates available, featured packages to install as well as all NuGet Packages available.  In addition, users can uninstall unwanted packages from the gallery as well.


Installing packages with dependencies is a breeze.  All of the package dependencies are handled in the feed and listed at install time.


Once packages are installed, a notification is shown inside of WebMatrix:


Removing packages is just as easy.  Just navigate to the Installed tab and remove the pieces that you don’t want.

Working With NuGet Extensions

Once the package is installed, WebMatrix intellisense will be available for most of the packages.  The seamless experience makes adding new cool functionality to your applications exceptionally easy!


NuGet Beyond WebMatrix

NuGet is a community where contributions and comments are welcome.  If you have a great WebMatrix package that you want to share with the world, NuGet is the place to do it!  The extensions can be made available for Visual Studio developers as well as WebMatrix developers.  If you would like your package to show up in the WebMatrix NuGet feed, make sure you’ve added the “WebMatrix” tag when submitting. 

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