IIS6.0 UI vs. IIS7.0/IIS7.5 UI Series: Start Pages

Now that we have the series introduction out of the way, let’s start with the side by side comparison between the Start Pages for IIS6 vs. IIS7.

IIS6 UI Start Page

On a W2K3 machine, run “inetmgr” (Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager)IIS6UI_StartPage

IIS7/IIS7.5 UI Start Page

On a W2K8 machine, run “inetmgr” (Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager)


You will notice similar concepts between the 2 Start Pages:

- Tree view with local server connection as a parent node, with FTP Sites and Web Sites.

- Content Pane which provides basic information on the connections

- File Menu , Navigation Bar


The key differences between the 2 Start Pages:

1. The IIS7 UI has more features on the Start Page, specifically

- Tree view has Application Pools surfaced as a child node under Server connection node.

- The IIS7 UI has a Breadcrumb Bar that is always in sync with the tree view and helps with tree view Navigation

- The content pane has richer data – online resource links, IIS new feature (RSS feed from iis.net) and Connection tasks. No more right clicking on the node (Start Page in IIS7 and Internet Information Services in IIS 6) for the  “Connect” task

2. Home Pages when Clicking on each node in the tree view on IIS7 UI vs IIS 6 UI

In IIS6 UI, clicking on each node provides a summary view of the node. The specific site node shows the content view of the site (same view when the site node is expanded in the tree view)


In IIS7 UI, clicking on each node provides a “Features View” by default. No more right click on a tree view node –> Properties to start updating the configuration. All configuration properties are surfaced as Features on the Home Page.Clicking on the “Content View” tab will show the same view as the expanded tree view (same behavior as IIS6 UI).



3. Where did my Web Service Extensions go from my tree view?

In IIS7/7.5 UI, the web service extensions made it as a feature on the Server Home Page. Select the local server node; double click on the ISAPI and CGI restrictions feature

IIS 6 UI – Web Service Extensions


IIS7 UI – ISAPI and CGI Restrictions



Next blog in this series: More about Web Service Extensions.

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