What is the long-term support for the MS Deploy tool?

In the past week or so, we've gotten quite a few questions about our long-term support of the tool. Yes, the tool will be fully supported by Microsoft Product Support at RTW (release to web). Currently it is in Tech Preview so the only support comes from the forums, but the team is pretty active on the forums as we're getting questions.

Also, we've gotten some great feedback from folks testing the tool and really appreciate it. Some of the requests have included the ability to ignore files whose only changes are attributes (like write time, etc.). Some of the good bugs found have been with script maps and dependency checks. We're spending a lot of time to improve these areas, this has come directly from customers trying it out.

Keep that feedback coming. This is the best time to request changes and influence our first version. We really want to know if the providers that we have are a good set, that we haven't missed any critical ones and we'd love to get some customers trying it on more complex applications.

Thanks again to everyone who is posting questions and helping us test!


  • hi. i was wondering if MSDeploy will have features to enable rapid deployment to a live production server. In this scenario you can't use the built in VS publish tool because it nukes the target directory and then your site is offline while the files are transferred. Direct FTP is also not an option because the site breaks as soon as you start overwriting any of the assemblies. Currently what i do is use a script to upload the new files to a remote tmp directory and then move them all to their remote destination after all the transfers are complete. this gives zero down time, but it's a bit crude. is this scenario too exceptional for MSDeploy to consider supporting? ideal features would be a server file diff so that only changed files get replaced, and an undo option in case anything goes pear shaped!
    sounds like a great tool already though.

  • Hi Tim,

    Great question and feedback on your scenario! In our next milestone after Tech Preview, we have added transaction support so that if any of the files fail, it will undo the file copy. This sounds like what you are looking for?


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