Migrate your IIS 6/7/8 server to azure websites in a few clicks

Have you been looking for a way to migrate your websites from your old Windows 2003 servers or any IIS6+ webserver to Azure Websites? Do you want to test how your sites work on Azure but don't know an easy way to try that? Do you have a web server farm that you've been maintaining for years and have been looking for an easy way to reduce the cost without paying a lot of money to make the jump?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you've come to the right place! We have released a web site and tool to do just that and much more. The tool does not modify your production server at all and lets you test drive your sites and applications on Azure in just a few clicks and if you choose the right options you might not end up paying a penny for the trial until you are satisfied and want to actually make the move.

The Azure Websites Migration Assistant tool can be downloaded for free from here. The tool has some dependencies but it takes care of them by installing all of them for you and while performing the migration. Here is a video that gives you step by step instructions on migrating the web sites on Windows 2003 web server to Azure Websites.


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