TechNet Radio Interview on IIS Modules

We have released a number of modules that you can download from to run on IIS in Windows Server 2008 RC0, namely:

(we have x64 bit downloads for these modules too, check out our IIS team page in the Download Center

These modules build on the extensibility platform for IIS7 to provide new administration and media functionality into the Web server. I talk about our modules and the areas that we are focusing on with Michael Murphy in a TechNet radio interview (about 20 minutes) that has been posted at:


  • Hey, there: Sorry about the bad link for the IIS team page in the Download Center. This should work.

  • Glad to here that Microsoft is now integrating its services, and providing an easy way to host a web site with integrating FTP, hopefully, i'll also be able to change permissions on FTP from a customer perspective, instead of getting "this server does not support changing permissions". This will give a great advantage over other servers like Linux.

    Good job Microsoft
    Keep up the great work!

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