IIS Workstation: Successful 1st Anniversary

Recently, I successfully completed 1 year of my blog IIS Workstation. It was the year of recession, year of financial crisis, year of elections, year of new relations, year of global disturbances; but for me it was the year of learning. I think I have learned more than ever by contributing to one and all through this blog. I also became an IIS MVP during this year so can't complain. :-)

I was just going through the site analytics to celebrate by contributions to the community and realized it would be even greater if I shared it with you. For, without my readers I would not have learned so much. Following is a snapshot of my blog details:

Analysis Period: 13 months
Total Page views: 37,646
% New visits: 90.06%

Traffic Sources:
Search Engines: 85.84%
Referring Sites: 7.33%

Site Viewed in: 163 countries
Top 3 Countries in order of views: United States of America, India, United Kingdom

Top Keywords on Google:
difference between iis 6 and 7 - Rank 1 (checked on July 4th 2009)
how to open iis admin - Rank 1 (checked on July 4th 2009)
difference between iis application and virtual directory - Rank 1 (checked on July 4th 2009)
substatus code - Rank 1 (checked on July 4th 2009)
iis admin could not start - Rank 1 (checked on July 4th 2009)

Top 5 Pages (Most viewed):
Difference between Virtual Directory and an Application in IIS
How To: Create a Website using IIS 6 - Level 100
Troubleshooting: Could not start the IIS Admin Service on Local Computer
Troubleshooting: IIS 6 Status and Substatus codes
IIS Workstation

Hope this year turns out to be good news as well for me. Have fun and keep watching this place for more info!

Oh and Thanks! :)

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