Improvements to FastCGI in IIS 7.5

Following improvements have been made to FastCGI module in Win7 (and Win2K8 R2).

1.       Monitor changes to a file

We have added ability to monitor changes to a file for each FastCGI process pool. Module will recycle FastCGI processes for the process pool if a change to the file is detected. Users can specify file path to monitor using system.webServer/fastCgi/application@monitorChangesTo property. Value can be absolute path to the file or path relative to the folder containing FastCGI executable. In case of php, if fullPath property is set to “c:\php\php-cgi.exe”, monitorChangesTo property can be set to “php.ini” or “c:\php\php.ini”. If file to monitor is not found, status code 500 is returned on each request. Default value of this property is blank which means no file monitoring. Read more ...

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