IIS and Websockets

In IIS8 we introduced a new interface and associated API's to handle Websocket requests. IWebSocketContext.

Setup: To get this functionality working, Web Socket Protocol module should be enabled in the IIS features.

Runtime: If a incoming request is to be accepted as a Websocket request and subsequently upgraded, the handler must set the response status as 101. It should initiate a IHttpResponse->Flush, which will trigger the IIS Websocket module to do the necessary work to send out the 101 response to the client.

Once the response is sent, the handler can get a pointer to the IWebSocketContext through the IHttpContext3's GetNamedContext API.

The IWebSocketContext API exposes the necessary API's to read / write Websocket data.


Sample Code to get pointer to IWebSocketContext:

    // Get Pointer to the IHttpContext3

    hr = HttpGetExtendedInterface( g_pServerInfo, pHttpContext, &pHttpContext3 );
    if ( FAILED ( hr ) )
        goto Finished;

    // Get Pointer to IWebSocketContext

    _pWebSocketContext = (IWebSocketContext *)pHttpContext3->GetNamedContextContainer()->GetNamedContext("websockets");

    if ( _pWebSocketContext == NULL )
        goto Finished;




RFC http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6455.txt

IWebSocketContext:: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh852804(v=vs.90).aspx

IHttpContext3: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh852784(v=vs.90



  • Thanks for the sample code.  I'm adapting an existing IIS Native Module to handle the WebSocket protocol, but cannot find the essential header: Iiswebsocket.h.  I have the latest environment - Windows 8 professional (6.2.9200) and Visual Studio 2012 (v11.0.50727 with .NET Framework v4.5.50709).  I have downloaded both the Windows 8 and Windows 2012 SDKs but it doesn't appear to be included in these either.
    Any ideas?

  • Hi, Thanks for the nice article.
    I really want to implement native websocket module.
    Since I couldn't find that, I wrote "Iiswebsocket.h" by myself.
    I referrd to this document for that.
    Now I can compile it, but it seems to not work.
    On the same environment, managed version works fine.
    Are there any working examples ?

  • I'm working with Websockets and everything is working perfectly!
    But my server does not accept more than 200 simultaneous connections.
    There is a section in the web.config where I set it?
    Sorry for my English, I am using a translator.

  • @viniciussandin
    I would recommend enabling failed request tracing to see where the limit is coming from.
    AFAIK, by default, there is no concurrent connection limit of 200.

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