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  • Cyber Espionage and Targeted Attacks

    This morning I read an article on Infoworld: Why you should care about cyber espionage which – to me – is a strange question. First of all, most companies have to protect some sort of intellectual property. It is not new for the Internet, that state-driven espionage not only targets state's secrets but industrial espionage as well. Therefore Cyber Espionage as it is in no way different than any other espionage. Did you care about losing your intellectual property 20 years ago? Better care about it today as well.

  • The Challenge of Patch Management

    Depending on where I travel and with which customers I talk, patch management is still the number 1 issue coming up. Not only is the challenge to deploy the updates – much worse, there is still an awareness issue in a lot of markets. People know that they should patch but too often do not do it – and if they do, well, there is no real process attached to it. Additionally, one of the issues I often raise publically is, that a lot of companies still focus on Microsoft products "only". I basically like it, when they keep "our" part of the infrastructure current but there is a lot more…