10 years of Update Tuesdays

On October 1, 2003, Microsoft announced it would move to a monthly security bulletin cadence. Today, marks 10 years since that first monthly security update. We looked at many ways to improve our security preparedness and patch timing was the number one customer request. Your feedback was clear and we delivered a predictable schedule.

Since then, we have seen others in the industry follow our move to monthly updates. As we continue to act on feedback, one thing stays the same: our ongoing commitment to help protect our 1 billion global customers.

If, like me, you are active on Twitter, you may have seen some others notice this milestone too:

This last decade has been a journey of discovery, key learnings and providing customer protections. Our business continues to evolve and adapt in an ever changing security response landscape.

Dustin Childs
Group Manager, Response Communications
Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

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