January-February MSDN Events on IIS7

If you are in the U.S. and interested in hearing more about what's new for developers in IIS7, the MSDN Presenters will be traveling the states and presenting in a theater near you. That's right a movie theater. The thing I always love about attending the MSDN events is the free popcorn from the movie theater. :)

You can find an event near you and register at http://msdnevents.com/register.aspx

From the website:

In days past, a Web server was simply a place to throw your static and dynamic pages for delivery. That’s all changed with recent releases of IIS – and IIS 7 is no exception. This session will highlight several key features of IIS that make it our most extensible, manageable and secure Web platform ever. You’ll learn about the modular design of IIS and the integrated pipeline, providing for new scenarios that involve sharing authentication across IIS, ASP.NET and other dynamic web server runtimes. We’ll explore how the new IIS protocol listeners enable IIS to host WCF services on a variety of protocols (not just HTTP), providing a scalable and manageable host for your distributed applications. You’ll see how easy it is to write modules and handlers in managed code. Plus you’ll learn about the new security aspects of IIS 7, from initial deployment to feature delegation to administrator lists. After this lively session, you’ll be raring to do much more with your Web server than simply copying over ASP.NET pages.

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