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  • When an Unhealthy ISAPI Isn’t Really Unhealthy

    Recently, a customer came to me with an interesting issue. While migrating SharePoint 2010 sites from one farm to another, he was seeing errors in the system event log on the target farm similar to the following:

  • IIS7/8: Logging the real client IP in the IIS hit logs

    I’ve seen questions around logging the real client IP in the IIS logs come up a handful of times in the past few weeks, so I figured I’d try and tackle that here. If you’re using load balancing with IIS (who isn’t these days?), then you’ve probably seen that by default, the load balancer’s IP address is generally what’s logged as the client IP in the c-ip field in your IIS logs. These days, most load balancers (and proxy servers) should have the ability to preserve the original client IP in an optional header: X-Forwarded-For. All well and good, but how exactly do we get IIS to log that XFF value to the c-ip field?

  • IIS Log FAQ - Logging Headers

    From time to time, I see some fairly common questions come across our internal discussion alias that we really don't do a good job of documenting externally, so I figured that as I see these frequently asked questions come up, I’d go ahead and post the answers here. I’ll start with one of the more common ones.