Recovering FREB.XSL after deleting it

For the next week, I hope to produce a couple of blogs about my journey through the land of developing a managed module for IIS7.  Being a test lead on the team, I rarely have time to get my hands dirty with the product at the level of developing modules against API's; it's a lot of fun and I wish I had more time for it. 

The first thing I wanted to mention was that I had a hard time getting my module to emit tracing information properly to FREB aka Failed Request Tracing.  Although I had numerous problems (which I will go into some detail about next week); the frustrating one was when I deleted my FREB style sheet freb.xsl ... I tried a lot ot get it back, restarting services, etc. but I had to walk down the hall and talk my good tester Bobby (who tests FREB) to see how to get it back! 

He said that I needed to delete the directory that was containing the freb log files.  Once I deleted the entire folder (not just the files in the folder), then to my great joy, I saw the FREB.XSL file back in the folder after my next request to the server.  The FREB module will re-create the XSL file only when it is creating the folder to begin with; due to performance reasons, it does not check if the XSL exists after the folder is created. 

I bet a lot of people will see that; and hopefully we can get an article written about troubleshooting FREB, but until then, this blog entry (and perhaps others) will have to suffice.  There has been talk of posting updated XSL's up on which is a great idea!  I hope some of you take the XSL file, improve it and post it here as well! 


Update!  Here is a newer version of the freb.xsl file which contains URL ReWriter tags:



  • Neat, thanks!

  • The XSL is not used by the webserver, so it's not an "in use" access denied error; but probably something related to the permission your user is running as, compared with the ACL's on this folder. Are you running as an elevated user?


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