Dave's Blog

  • IIS and Twitter? Yes, we do tweet a bit.

    At least some of us on the IIS team are starting to get up to speed with twitter ... it's a fascinating way to interact in a very public way with other folks in a massive stream of consciousness. 

  • What is administration.config for IIS?

    One little known feature of IIS7 is that it's UI is entirely extensible!  This means that anyone can write a C# assembly and get it displayed through the IIS Manager UI.  The possibilities here are endless, anything from someone writing a new certificate management system, a website provisioning system, etc. 

  • Where are my InetMgr UI Code Download assemblies?

    The IIS Manager UI has a lot of capabilities, one of which is the ability to download new UI modules from a server when connecting remotely.  This means I can open up any IIS Manager, connect to a server and get all the UI modules you need.  Seems magical. 

  • Under what context does my code run on IIS?

    Following up on my last two blogs, we continue to notice that folks have difficulty properly configuring IIS in a secure manner, because they tend to over-open the security of their system, giving privileges to both the "request identity" and the "process identity" that are above what are required for secure and reliable applications. 

  • Where is gacutil.exe ?

    As we write walkthrough's on how to do various things with Web Deploy or other tools, we often say to try this or that with gacutil.exe but I always forget where the tool lives.  Since I re-image test machines all the time with various things installed, I forget this stuff (perhaps I'm the only one).

  • How to download IIS?

    A lot of folks ask us how to "download" IIS; since other web server offerings are available for download on a multiple of platforms, it's an obvious question for the Microsoft web platform stack as well.  The answer "for now" is that you can't download IIS because it only comes with Windows.