IIS and Twitter? Yes, we do tweet a bit.

At least some of us on the IIS team are starting to get up to speed with twitter ... it's a fascinating way to interact in a very public way with other folks in a massive stream of consciousness. 

As a test lead on the team, I find it a great way to find bugs that customers are having but are unable to call Microsoft or post to our forums on iis.net ... I've already got a bug for the next version of windows to make a better setup experience happen for certain scenarios.  My tweets can be seen here:  http://twitter.com/IISTester

Other IIS / Microsoft folks are also on Twitter ...

kjsingla - a developer who knows a LOT about FastCGI and PHP on IIS
rakkimk - a support engineer for ASP.NET
ruslany - a PM who works on FastCGI/PHP for IIS
tobint - a Technical Writer who used to write for IIS, now works on MSDN


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