2010 French Open powered by IIS Live Smooth Streaming and Silverlight

Frances Télévisions and Eurosport have selected Silverlight and IIS Live Smooth Streaming to deliver online webcasting of the 2010 French Open at Roland Garros. This event, which runs through June 6, 2010, follows up on previous IIS Live Smooth Streaming successes that both Frances Télévisions and Eurosport have had with similar high-visibility events over the last year.

The main program streams are being provided in multiple resolutions, up to HD 720p, with full day time-shifting. The video experience for both broadcasters is built on the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework and the IIS Live Smooth Streaming module that is part of IIS Media Services 3.0.

Eurosport Player subscribers enjoy easy access to live and time-shifted French Open HD video from any of 39 countries. Users automatically receive the best video quality possible for their current bandwidth and video playback conditions.

Figure 1 - Eurosport Player


For viewers in France, the Frances Télévisions player also provides slow motion, instant replay, and (for viewers with an amplifier that supports DTS Neo 6 or DTS Neural Surround) 5.1 channel surround sound audio. Secondary streams from all tennis courts are being delivered to Silverlight with traditional streaming from Windows Media Services. Frances Télévisions media technology partners include Ucaya, Inlet, and Akamai.

Figure 2 - France Télévisions Player


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