Announcing:Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF with WAMS MPEG-DASH support

Windows Azure Media Services team is very pleased to announce Microsoft Smooth Streaming plugin for OSMF with WAMS MPEG-DASH support.  Using Smooth Streaming OSMF plugin, you can add Smooth Streaming and Windows Azure Media Services on-demand MPEG-DASH content playback capabilities to existing OSMF and Strobe Media Playback players and furthermore build rich media experiences for Adobe Flash Player endpoints using Windows Azure Media Services you use today to target Smooth Streaming playback to other devices like Win8 store apps, browser and so on. This version of the Smooth Streaming plugin includes the following capabilities and works with OSMF 2.0 APIs:

  • On-demand Smooth Streaming/Windows Azure Media Services on-demand MPEG-DASH playback (Play, Pause, Seek, Stop)
  • Live Smooth Streaming playback (Play)
  • Live DVR functions (Pause, Seek, DVR Playback, Go-to-Live)
  • Support for video codecs – H.264
  • Support for Audio codecs – AAC
  • Multiple audio language switching with OSMF built-in APIs
  • Max playback quality selection with OSMF built-in APIs
  • This version only supports OSMF 2.0

Note:  This is a prerelease software and features, support and APIs are subject to change!

The initial release notes are available through MS Download Center and can be found here. For getting started with this new plugin, you can download the Smooth Streaming plugin for OSMF from the MS Download Center. Basic information for building an OSMF player with Smooth Streaming plugin and loading Smooth Streaming dynamic plugin to Strobe Media Player, can be found here.

To enable Windows Azure Media Services MPEG-DASH support:

Please refer to Dynamic Packaging configuration page and also here is a great post from my colleague John Deutcher for how to details (MPEG DASH preview from Windows Azure Media Services).  


If you have feature requests, or want to provide general feedback—we want to hear it all! Please use the Smooth Streaming plugin for OSMF Forum thread to let us know what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can improve your Smooth Streaming development experience for OSMF applications. 

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