Announcing: Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 2 for Windows 8

Today, we are excited to announce the Beta 2 release of Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows 8, which provides many improvements, added new features to integrate Smooth Streaming to video and media element in Windows 8 Store apps and supports the Windows 8 RTM.

Aligned to this release, Player Framework (Preview 5) for Windows 8 released which makes it easy for you to build rich apps that consume video and provides player controls that you can use in your Windows 8 Applications.

This version of the Smooth Streaming Client includes many improvements, supports multiple platforms and lights the following capabilities with the video and media element:

  • X86, x64, and ARM platform support
  • VOD (VC-1/WMA - H.264/AAC Play, Pause, Seek, Stop)
  • Live (VC-1/WMA - H.264/AAC Play)
  • Live DVR (VC-1/WMA - H.264/AAC Pause, Seek, Go to Live) (New in Beta2)
  • Multiple audio language switching with APIs (New in Beta2)
  • Track-selection for playback (for example, restrict the available bitrates) (New in Beta2)
  • Offline playback scenarios via Downloader Plugin (New in Beta2)
  • Content protection – Microsoft PlayReady integration for VC-1/WMA - H.264/AAC content
  • Trickplay (slow motion, fast-forward, and rewind)
  • Microsoft PlayReady Key rotation

Getting Started

The initial release notes are available through IIS Learn Center and can be found here.

For getting started with this new SDK, you can download the Smooth Streaming Client for Windows 8 (Beta 2) from the Visual Studio Gallery and Player Framework from CodePlex.

Step by steps instructions for building a basic HTML5 Smooth Streaming Windows 8 Store application; can be found here.

For Smooth Streaming PlayReady protected content support, you need “PlayReady Client SDK for Windows 8 Applications” and corresponding code blocks which can be downloaded from here.


As this is a beta release, you’re likely to hit issues, have feature requests, or want to provide general feedback—we want to hear it all! Please use the Smooth Streaming Client on Windows 8 Forum thread to let us know what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can improve your Smooth Streaming development experience for Windows 8 applications.

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