Microsoft IIS Administration Docs Now Available

Microsoft IIS Administration Docs:

Last week we saw the unveiling of new file endpoints for Microsoft IIS Administration. Now we have documentation available for the API and the tools that come with it. The new unified documentation platform at allows us to be more agile as the product develops. It also gives us the opportunity to open source our documentation which can be found at As the product grows, the documentation will grow along side it.


  • I am wondering if this product (Microsoft IIS Administration) is compatible with Macbook Pro? I am asking because I have Microsoft office working perfectly on my Macbook but yet some other products from Microsoft won't work.

  • @Stanley Matthew,

    The Microsoft IIS Administration API only runs on Windows machines. Currently the installation of the API is limited to machines that already have IIS installed so this restriction is logical.

    The UI at can be accessed from a Macbook through an internet browser.

  • What about security of this systema of remote administration


  • @Jesús Corbí,

    Great question! We are going to publish a separate blog post dedicated to Microsoft IIS Administration Security. I would be quite helpful to let us know if you have any topic of interest about security that you would like us to address in greater details.

    Saying that, let me outline a few security points here:

    The IIS Administration API is actually "remote-first" type of administration. Even in a local deployment it carries exactly the same concept of access and security. It makes no difference if the request is originated from local machine or remote.

    At it's essence, the API is self-hosted HTTPS Web Service, running in-a-box as Windows Service. It mandates Access Token to be provided with each request. The API has interface to generate these Access Tokens (via API or UI).

    In addition to that, out of the box, the API requires that each request comes from Windows Authenticated User that belongs to "IIS Administrators" Local Group. The setup creates that group for you. That is also configurable.

    The API listens to particular local port (default 55539). The port is NOT open for remote access by default. The System Administrator have to explicitly configure the appropriate Firewall Settings to allow the port to be accessible remotely or/and apply any network restrictions if required. This is the only bit to make the administration truly remote.

    The IIS Administration API is hosted by IIS Hostable Web Core (HWC), therefore can be configured to utilize any additional IIS security feature (example: Client Cert Authentication, IP Restrictions, etc.).

  • I am facing difficulty with the documentation available for the API and the tools that come with it. Where could I get support?

  • @Chris,

    What is it that you are trying to reference in the docs? Perhaps I can point you in the right direction or augment the docs to satisfy your use case.

  • Is it fit well with Windows 10?

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