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May 31, 2012

Microsoft has just released Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate (RC) which can be downloaded from here . For IIS, we have been feature complete since the Beta release so there are no new IIS features in RC since Beta. (Refer...


Mar 30, 2012

In this blog, I will not discuss what ETag is or whether I agree with some of the articles that have written around whether the use of ETag is a good or a bad idea. But if you found this blog, it's probably because you have read...


Mar 22, 2012

One of the areas that we have optimized in IIS 8.0 beta is IIS configuration system. There are many improvements that we have made in this area, but there is one simple change that has yielded a great result. The change has not...


Mar 15, 2012

I've noticed that some customers use Application Request Routing (ARR) to load balance between multiple sites that run on the same Windows/IIS instance. For example, ARR may be listening on port 80, and it load balances the requests...


Mar 05, 2012

This is "simple", yet it is definitely one of my favorite features in IIS 8.0 beta. As you know, the IIS configuration system is built on a schematized XML, applicationHost.config. While the IIS Manager does expose the most common...


Mar 01, 2012

Windows Sever 8 beta was released yesterday and I am excited to write about some of the key features for web hosters and service providers. Many of the key features evolve around scalability and manageability. We heard from customers...


Mar 01, 2012

I am excited for our customers to finally download Windows Server 8 beta and see what we have been working on. When we first started working on Windows Server 8, we wanted to make sure that we would deliver on some of the key...


Apr 20, 2011

Note : The content of this post is outdated. Please refer to the new post at http://blogs.iis.net/erez/archive/2013/11/27/installing-arr-manually-without-webpi.aspx for updated info and links. When ARRv2.5 was released in March...


Mar 30, 2011

It is pretty common to run ARR as a proxy behind another proxy in a corporate environment and I've been asked how ARR can be configured in such an environment. This practice is also known as "proxy chaining" where one proxy is...


Mar 29, 2011

Within hours of Application Request Routing Version 2.5 release (see announcement here ), I've been asked why ARRv2.5 is available only via WebPI. Well, a simple response would be that WebPI is the way to consume web technology...


Mar 28, 2011

Microsoft Application Request Routing (ARR) Version 2.5 has been released. Overview: Application Request Routing v2.5 improves the performance and the scalability of ARR in its disk caching scenarios . In addition to fully incorporating...


Dec 17, 2010

As of December 18, 2010, Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) 2002 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 RTM is supported by Ready-to-Run Software. For support and servicing, contact Ready-to-Run Software , Inc.


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