New release of MS Deploy RC1

We have a new release of the RC1 build to fix a couple issues that people found. We recommend that folks download the new version as it fixes some important issues.

How can I get the new build?

  • Just go to our download links for x86 and x64.

How does it upgrade if I already have the earlier RC1 build?

  • If you install the new build, it will automatically uninstall the older build and install the new one.

How does it work if my server is running the old RC1 (437) and my client is running the new RC1 (438)?

  • You will get an error that there is a version mismatch. The reason for this is that if your builds are out of sync, something might be different in the syncing process and cause an error. So we require the client and server to be running the same build.

What issues were fixed? 

  • Installing an application package in certain time zones would result in an error.
  • Skip and replace rules didn't work properly.
  • A couple of other smaller infrastructure changes.

Let us know if you see any issues!




  • This means, you have msdepsvc (the agent service) from 438 installed on one box and the one from 437 installed on the other. Can you reinstall all features of msdeploy for 438 on both boxes? Please post on the "Web Deployment Tool" forums for a quicker response. Thanks!

  • What about handling scripts like PHP install scripts? The web package I'm making an msdeploy package of has a lot of complex routines it takes care of in its normal install process. There is a commandline version which I want to use to handle those routines properly in the msdeploy package. However, this script is only supposed to run if a fresh install is being made, not a migratory installation.

  • Anonymous - could you post the install issue you're seeing on the forums? That will help folks respond more quickly and also get benefit from seeing this if they hit a similar issue. :)

    If you run msdeploy.exe (with no input), you will see the build # listed at the top. Can you try on both client and server?

    It's possible that one of the download servers is out of date and you got 437 on one machine. You shouldn't see an issue with different EXEs in the same MSI, they both use the DLL under the covers.

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