New IIS7 Releases: URL Rewrite, Application Routing and Load Balancing, and PowerShell Cmd-lets

In last a few weeks, the IIS team has released 3 IIS extensions updates:

· URL Rewrite Module CTP1

· Application Request Routing CTP1

· PowerShell Provider CTP2

URL Rewrite Module

URL Rewrite Module is a rule-based rewriting engine for changing request URL’s before they get processed by web server.  It can be used to provide user and search engine friendly URLs for dynamic web applications, rewrite and redirect URLs based on HTTP headers and server variables, and control access to web site content.

· Additional information is available at Using URL Rewrite Module.

· Downloads:

· Support: URL Rewrite Module forum.

Application Request Routing

Application Request Routing (ARR) is a proxy based routing module that forwards HTTP requests to content servers based on HTTP headers and server variables, and load balance algorithms.  It can be used to increase application availability and scalability, better utilize content server resources, and facilitate application deployment including pilot management and A/B testing.  ARR also has a feature for shared hosters to change how shared hosting is provided today and create additional services to their customers.

· Additional information is available at Using Application Request Routing Module.

· Downloads:

· Support: ARR forum.

PowerShell Provider

PowerShell Provider allows the administrators to manage IIS using PowerShell.  With this second CTP release, 40 new cmdlets have been added to enable day-to-day IIS tasks such as creating web-sites and web-applications, and installing and acquiring a certificate.  The complete list of cmdlets are found here.

· Additional information is available at Managing IIS with IIS 7.0 PowerShell Provider.

· Downloads:

· Support: PowerShell forum.

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