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  • A Tale of Two Developers and Visual Studio Sites and Apps

    We've encountered several scenarios in which customers have multiple developers working on a single web application in Visual Studio. In such cases, it's not uncommon for each developer to be working on a portion of the application. There isn't any problem in working with this way, but you may encounter some very real problems when you deploy your application unless you plan in advance.

  • ASP.NET MVC: What is it and should I use it?

    In March of this year, we released ASP.NET MVC. Since then, many ASP.NET developers have been perplexed about MVC. Many developers aren't quite sure what MVC is and what it means for ASP.NET developers. Many more developers have some level of understanding when it comes to MVC but are not sure when it should be used and why. This post will hopefully shed some light on some of the confusion surrounding MVC.