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  • IIS Express Bootstrapper Package

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the IIS 7.5 Express MSI can be redistributed with your software package. This is enabled by the license agreement so you don’t need any additional approval. When your software is being installed on a customer’s machine, you’ll want to install IIS Express as a prerequisite, if it isn’t already present. Installer dependencies on redistributable components, such as IIS Express, are typically handled using Bootstrapper Packages.

  • Serving external traffic with WebMatrix Beta

    You will notice in WebMatrix Beta that the default website as well as new ones you create are bound to localhost. In other words, they can service local traffic only. This default behavior makes a lot of sense since we want users to explicitly opt into the security risk that comes with running over the network. You can verify this is the case by navigating to the Settings section in the Site workspace, as shown below: