Microsoft Drivers 3.0.1 for PHP for SQL Server with PHP 5.4 Support Released

Dear SQL Server Developer Community,

As you know, two weeks ago, we released our 3.0 drivers along with SQL Server 2012. It was around the same time that PHP 5.4 was also released to the web, and we have received many requests from our community members to support the new PHP runtime. It is my pleasure to announce that we have listened to you, and have updated our drivers to 3.0.1. The major feature added for this release is support for PHP 5.4, as well as some minor bug fixes.

As always, you can find documentation on the driver at our MSDN documentation page, provide feedback on our MSDN Forum and at the SQL Server Connect Site, and download the driver here. Also note that you will require the SQL Server 2012 Native Access Client, available as part of our SQL Server 2012 Feature Pack, viewable here. You can find the source code at our Codeplex Page.


Jonathan Guerin
Program Manager
SQL Connectivity
Microsoft Corporation

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