Netmon Trace & HTTP Requests

While browsing on the technet portal for details on Netmon drivers for Vista, happened to visit a blog about Netmon and HTTP Request analysis. I would definitely call it an impressive blog which gets in-depth on how to analyze HTTP requests and packets using Netmon. 

It has always been a challenge when we end-up using packet tracing / capturing / analyzing tools. With an appropriate guide on how to use such a tool considering our requirement as a specific criteria, we would surely make a great difference in the results.

For such a thought, I suggest you to visit this blog. Pls keep in mind that the blog contains info specifically on NETMON usage for HTTP packets:

Click here to visit the original blog on Technet – “Understanding HTTP Flow with Netmon 3”

I guess this is a must read for those administrators who spend a good time on webserver packet analysis!!

Have a happy tracing!! J 



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