Breaking my silence

Hello loyal readers!

I have to apologize for being MIA over the past two years. I transitioned off of the C# compiler team after we shipped C# 4.0, where I did a brief stint working on cloud-based financial services solutions. After that, I moved to the Azure Media Services team, where I've been heading up a team working on a V1 cloud offering for media.

We're building some super exciting stuff, and are getting geared up to go public, at which point, my silence will be officially over! I'll be back, with two years worth of pent up blogging to get done, and a new, exciting, innovative product to blog about!

For you compiler guys out there, this unfortunately marks the end of our long and lovely relationship - it's been a great ride, and I definitely loved my time working on languages and their intricacies. While I'll still blog from time to time about languages, the great innovations we're making in that space, details of compilers and the like, that won't be my primary focus.

I'll be shifting gears to focus primarily on building cloud-based, scalable services, and the pitfalls and victories that we have as my team ventures on this journey. The future of computing is the cloud, and so to the cloud we go! As Steve Ballmer loves to say, "We're all in!"

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