Certificate Renewals in IIS 7

Certificate renewals have changed from IIS 6 to IIS 7.  Specifically, IIS 7 generates a different type of certificate renewal.

The way it was…
IIS 6 creates a PKCS #10 type of renewal.  This is essentially just a new request with the information contained within the existing certificate.  When the renewed certificate comes back from the certificate authority, users will have two certificates only differing by expiration dates; other than that, the certificates are exactly the same.

The new way…
In IIS 7, certificate renewal requests are now PKCS #7 requests.  This type of renewal is a combination of request and certificate rolled into one.  The advantage of the PKCS #7 renewal is when you receive a response from the certificate authority the original certificate is replaced with the new one.  This makes certificate management much easier.

How do I get the old behavior?
To get the original behavior for requesting a certificate renewal, users can use the Certificates MMC snap-in.  This will give you a far wider range of renewal options and types to chose from.

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