SiteServerDetails–Obtaining information about a server node in a web farm—Part 13 of 52

This week I cover a couple ways to obtain information about a specific server in a web farm.  How can you tell which node handled your page request? Often it’s valuable to know which node is currently being served for troubleshooting the load balancer or individual pages.

I posted another non-video blog post this morning that covers this same topic and provides the download link to SiteServerDetails.

This is week 13 of a 52 week series on various web administration related tasks. Past and future videos can be found here.

Today’s video walks through this HTTP Handler and how you can install it on your web farm.  Just now I realized that I forgot to mention how to roll this out on a full web farm with multiple nodes (the target install situation). 

The install won’t break anything, even if you install it while shared configuration is enabled.  Simply run the quick install on each node of the web farm and it will install without any impact to the production environment.

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