IIS 7.x Classic and Integrated Pipeline Modes-Week 43

You can find this week’s video here.

IIS 7 has two application pool pipeline modes: Classic and Integrated. Using Integrated mode is the ideal since it allows forms authentication for all types of page requests—not just ASP.NET pages—has tighter integration with the entire pipeline, and will be leveraged by more native and 3rd party apps over time.

However, you may run into a “HTTP Error 500.22 - Internal Server Error” when trying to run your site in Integrated mode. This week we look at the differences and find out how to migrate a configuration file from IIS6 or IIS 7 Classic mode to IIS 7 Integrated mode.

The article referenced in the video can be found here. This gives a list of breaking changes with integration mode.

This is now week 43 of a 52 week series for the web pro. You can view past and future weeks here: http://dotnetslackers.com/projects/LearnIIS7/

You can find this week’s video here.

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