ARR Binding Trick-Week 36

You can find this week’s video here.

This week's video shows a specific trick to allow a reverse proxy—Application Request Routing in this case—how to use only one IP address per web servers while supporting many distinct sites. This is extra useful if you have a wildcard domain name, or a large number of domain names pointing to a VIP, and you have multiple sites to manage.

I want to show you a trick that allows you to use just a single IP address per web server, no matter how many sites you have. And, you can do this with wildcard domain names or large lists of domain names—with ease.

Last week we talked about the three web node binding options. They are: A) by host header, B) by IP Address, and C) by port. They work for many situations, but what if you have many sites and many servers and you want your virtual IPs (VIPs) to accept traffic for any domain name? For example, imagine that you want * to point to a dedicated IP address, and you manage multiple sites like this.

This week I cover this specific situation and show a handy trick to manipulate the HTTP_HOST (domain name) on the way through to make a potentially unruly situation much more manageable.

This is now the 11th week in a mini-series on web farms, and the 36th week of the entire series. You can view past and future weeks here:

You can find this week’s video here.

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