IIS6.0 UI vs. IIS7.0/IIS7.5 UI Series: Introduction

I tried to search for articles/blogs that do a side by side comparison between IIS 6.0 UI and IIS 7.0 UI but could not find one. Let’s fix that, shall we.

This is an introduction blog to the series of side by side comparison between IIS6.0 and IIS 7.0 UI. I plan to release at least one blog a week for this series addressing one UI feature at a time. I will be focusing on the inetmgr UI on the Server SKUs (W2K3, W2K8, W2K8 R2) for snapshots, but these blogs are applicable to the client SKUs as well (XP, Vista SP1, Windows 7).

This blog series will focus on a side by side comparison between the 2 Inetmgr versions (IIS6 vs. IIS7) and not on the new IIS7 features. I will talk about the backend configuration differences between the modules as well (snippets). There are some good articles on http://learn.iis.net that talk about the IIS 7 Module overview, IIS Manager overview and the *new* IIS7 UI features in great detail.

Please drop a comment if there are any specific UI modules/properties you would like to be compared next. Also if you have any feedback on the details.

Next blog in this series: IIS6 vs. IIS7 UI Start Pages

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