Changes to the Sample Custom Provider for MySql (dbFullMySql)

During the RC release, we published a custom provider that will help you sync MySql databases. This is just a sample provider to help folks understand how to write a provider and is not required, as our RTW version supports MySQL in the box.

The limitaions of the provider was syncing from archive/package and syncing over the agent, since DeploymentObject.GetStream() method was not public in that release. We fixed this when we re-released RC, so now you can sync over msdepsvc (using computername=) using custom providers.

The sample along with the source code that allows you to utilize the GetStream() functionality is located here. It is very similar to the original sample for dbFullMySql provider, but for the fact that dbFullMySql now works over the agent like all other providers that msdeploy supports. It uses GetStream() inside of Add() to achieve this.

So now, with dbFullMySql you can do something like

1) Sync a local database to a remote destination

msdeploy.exe -verb:sync -source:dbFullMySql="server=localhost;database=gallery2;uid=root;pwd=p@ssw0rd" -dest:dbFullMySql="server=localhost;database=gallery3;uid=root;pwd=iis",computername=myserver,username=administrator, password=adminspass

2) Sync a local database to a .sql file on a remote machine, etc..

msdeploy.exe -verb:sync -source:dbFullMySql="server=localhost;database=g2;uid=root;pwd=p@ssw0rd" -dest:dbFullMySql=c:\sql.sql,computername=myserver,username=administrator,password=adminpass


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