Real World IIS: Packaging and Deploying an Open Source Application Using Web Deployment Tool (videocast)

Many Web site developers start development from an open source application as the base for a custom Web site. There are many high quality open source applications out there that make it much easier to put together a content, ecommerce, social network and/or community Web site. IIS offers a couple features that make your life a lot easier if you want to:

  1. Find the open source application on the Windows Web Application Gallery.
  2. Download and install the open source application on IIS using Web Platform Installer (you can check out this screencast to see a demo).
  3. Customize the app in the way you see fit.
  4. Package your application using the Web Deployment Tool support in the IIS7 Manager.
  5. Connect to a remote Web server from your development computer to remotely administer the IIS7 server using IIS Manager. (Thanks to Chris Morrow at MaximumASP for letting us use one of his dedicated Windows Server 2008 servers for my videocast.)
  6. Import the customized application's package on the remote Web server, which deploys your custom app easily to another server.

In this short video (11 minutes), I walk through how you can use IIS to take these steps with a  PHP Content Management System named SilverStripe. (The audio quality is a little lower on this one since I recorded it at the wrong volume...sorry about that.)

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