Real World IIS: Installing a Free Community Application Using Web Platform Installer (videocast)

In the 2.0 version of Web Platform Installer (Web PI), we introduced the ability to install free community applications with Web Deployment Tool support from the Web PI directly.

In March 2009, we launched the Windows Web Application Gallery, where Windows users can find and install free community applications easily on IIS. The Windows Web Application Gallery provides links to both ASP.NET and PHP applications and we're seeing strong user interest in both. You can get a Web content management system, blogs, and wikis. We are adding more ASP.NET and PHP community applications every month.

When we add an application to the Web App Gallery, the app gets added to an ATOM feed that is both consumed by the Web App Gallery and displayed within the Web Platform Installer (Web PI). So you can either visit the Web App Gallery web site or use the Web Platform Installer directly to find the same free community apps easily on IIS. You can learn more about Web PI here and Web App Gallery here.

This short video (just under 8 minutes) walks you through how to install Umbraco, an open source ASP.NET community application, from the Web PI.

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