Real World IIS: Finding and Installing Web Platform Installer 2.0 (videocast)

The Web Platform Installer 2.0 is a free IIS tool that makes it easy to discovery and install the Microsoft Web stack and free community apps from the Windows Web Application Gallery. It's the "first mile" to get started with the Web Platform and Web App Gallery applications on IIS.

We're seeing thousands of downloads of Web Platform Installer (Web PI) by developers and administrators who use Web PI to discovery and stay up to date with the latest components in the Web stack. (We use Web PI here on the product team to set up and stay current with desktops/laptops and servers.) We also launched the Windows Web Application Gallery last month, which provides a way for users to discovery and download open source applications (ASP.NET and PHP) onto Windows. Every application in the Web App Gallery is download by Web Platform Installer (Web PI), so it's a critical component of the process.

In this 3 minute video, I walk through the different ways that you can find and start using the Web Platform Installer.

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