Introducing the new IIS.NET web site

So...notice anything different today? :-) Thanks to the efforts of a whole team of people here in Redmond, Telligent, Goldman Design and ORCS Web, we have significantly overhauled our web site. As you can tell from the depth of the content and the participation of the product group in forums and blogs, fostering a strong and vibrant technical community is a huge deal for us. We care about you in particular, and how you learn, use, and extend IIS in all the ways that you do. To help with that process, we've rolled out some infrastructure and tools across that helps us get information out to you and for you to get information back to us.

Here's a quick recap of some of the changes:

  • Updated look and feel that maximizes content, which is what the web site is all about.
  • Dynamic home page content. It will change every day, driven by the latest forum posts, blogs, and news.
  • Personalized blog photos, so you can see who you are talking to through the site. That's kind of fun.
  • This is the center of the technical content universe on IIS.NET. This is where you go for overviews and deep dives on content ranging from IIS7 features to how to host IIS in shared hosting environment.
  • Hosting guidance that covers key technologies across the Microsoft stack for shared hosting providers. These guidelines are all about best practices and what you need to do differently in a multi-tenent environment...critical information about Windows Server, IIS, ASP.NET and other products that hosters use to provide services to customers.
  • Under the hood, we've replaced our content publishing system with a wiki. We will be able to open up the wiki to contributors later on, once we put some more scaffolding in place around content reviews and approvals.
  • Video support. We've got 10 videos in now, and we are going to be adding a lot more. We have a deep committment to media integration as a first class content type and will be lining up a series of new features including podcasts of audio and video content around IIS.
  • Ad design. Ad revenue helps us fund great content. We have made some changes to increase our revenue potential in a way that does not distract from our goal of building a vibrant technical community.

It being a web site, we'll continue to tweak it along the way, naturally. For example, we're going to be adding a Quick Reference, which will be a new and innovative way to learn about a single topic through text description, video overviews, code samples, and schema descriptions. Enjoy the changes and let us know what you think at





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