DiscountASP.NET IIS Manager UI extensions

One of the hosters who we work with, DiscountASP.NET (an ASP.NET focused web hoster based in sunny Southern California), has just launched a beta of two new UI extensions for the IIS Manager for their customers.

 One of them is a web.config backup/restore module, which will backup your web.config file and restore it. I think that this is a very useful function...I do it all the time using appcmd when I am messing around with config. I can see how DiscountASP.NET customers would like to see it integrated in the UI. The second module is a feedback module where customers of DiscountASP.NET can send feedback and suggestions.

Pretty cool! I love seeing partners take advantage of the IIS extensibilty model, which, among other things, makes any extensions like these delegate-able to remote users as well.




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