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I recently took a couple of sessions on IIS 7 & 7.5 as part of Hyderabad Techies and "Tech-Ed on the Road" revival campaign here in Hyderabad, India. It was great to see the enthusiasm people had for different Microsoft technologies. We had sessions ranging from ASP.NET - Windows Azure and IIS - to SQL Server 2008.

I was responsible for delivering sessions on IIS 7.5 which is going to ship along with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. I think I was kind of lucky in that sense, because there is always so much to speak on IIS. There is so much that is running on the web these days and you love it when lots of it is running on IIS.

I knew the best way to spread the word on IIS, is to show what makes IIS the way it is. Then lets leave it to the people to decide what they want... shouldn't we? Anyways, I started from level 100, so that I could show the basic architectural changes in IIS 6 and IIS 7. Detailed explanation can be found in my previous post on differences between IIS 6 and IIS 7 and IIS: changes from 6 to 7.

Moving on I showed the advancements in IIS UI, IIS security and IIS extensions and how they help both the Admins and the developers. IIS extension are these out of band modules which are released by the IIS PG and the community making use of the great extensibility modules available.

It was great to see how much people loved the idea of including a module and the ease of it's installation which originally dint come with the product.

As promised, details on the IIS extensions and download location can be found at All the information on the Microsoft web application gallery and platform can be found here.

Check out this cool blog on IIS history to see and learn how IIS has evolved. It also answers the 1st question I always face when speaking on IIS... "How to download IIS" ... :)

Have fun... !!!

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