How WinCache make PHP run faster

Why WinCache?
Use of PHP accelerators is very common to make PHP run faster. Most of the existing PHP accelerators which are in use today are designed keeping *nix architecture in mind and mostly doesn’t work well on Windows. For example, APC which is very commonly used on *nix doesn’t work on Windows. Xcache does work in ISAPI mode but crashes when PHP is running in FastCGI mode with multiple php processes alive. Absence of a stable PHP accelerator on Windows made people complain about PHP performance on Windows all the time. Another complaint which we heard consistently from customers running PHP on windows was that file operations on Windows were slower than on *nix. Reason being Windows’s CreateFile system call which is much more expensive than a fopen call on *nix as CreateFile goes through a much more complex security check involving ACLs. Read more ...

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