New Web Deployment Tool for IIS7

The IIS team today released the technical preview of a new web deployment tool that addresses many of the requests I've heard from developers for making the deployment of web applications easier on the Windows platform. The new tool allows for synchronization of applications between IIS6 and IIS7 web servers, migration of applications from IIS6 to IIS7 and analysis and troubleshooting of applications during deployment/migration.

The best place to start is to download and read the walkthroughs for the new deployment tool. This will give you a really good overview of all the tasks you can accomplish with the tool. Then, you can start testing the tool with your own applications to see how it will ease deployment and migration for our scenario. The technical preview should only be used in a test lab, not in a production environment.

Of course, the point of a technical preview is both to let you see the technology and to get your feedback. For that purpose, there is both a blog and a forum setup for you to talk back to the product team.

Have fun!

How to Get Started

Download and read the walkthroughs:

Download the x86 version:

Download the x64 version:

Web Deployment Tool forum:

Web Deployment Team blog:

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