Great Screencast on IIS7 and PHP with FastCGI

Scott Hanselman produced an awesome screencast on configuring IIS7 and PHP with FastCGI. He also does some live performance testing of the Qdig application using CGI, FastCGI and the new kernel-mode caching in IIS7.

From Scott's blog:

You can watch the video/screencast on the new Hanselman Silverlight Player (thanks Tim!) or download the WMV directly. If you guys want more IIS7 videos in detail, give me feedback in the comments and I'll see what we can do about putting together a series over on

Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Screencast HowTo: IIS7 and PHP with FastCGI

If you are interested in configuring PHP and FastCGI on IIS7, there's a walkthrough in  Using FastCGI to host PHP applications on IIS7

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