Sugar and Mediawiki added support for WINCACHE user cache

The support for WINCACHE has been added into Sugar Community Edition 6.0 Beta bits. The latest bits which supports WINCACHE out of the box can be downloaded from Remember Sugar 6.0 bits available there are still in Beta. However it is so good to know that we have WINCACHE support right out of the box in Sugar. A big thanks to Sugar developers. Sugar also released an add-on package for WINCACHE user cache for prior version of Sugar (version 5.2 and  version 5.5). John blogged about it at

In order to verify that WINCACAHE is storing values in user cache, hit the homepage of your SugarCRM installation. Now open WINCACHE.PHP file which ships with the installation and click on tab named “User Cache”. It should look something like below:


SugarCRM also uses PHP session. In order to use WINCACHE session implementation just edit your php.ini file to have


and you are done. Nothing needs to get changed. In order to test it, again hit the homepage of your SugarCRM installation and hit “Session Cache” tab of WINCACHE.PHP. You will see something like:


Mediwiki also added support for WINCAHCE user cache. You can see it at Sometime back I filed en enhancement request for supporting WINCACHE and now it is done. Thanks to Mediawiki team for supporting WINCACHE.



PS: This will work only with WINCACHE version 1.1.0 and higher. So please make sure that you are not running any lower versions of WINCACHE like 1.0.0 or 1.0.1.

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