Sudoku and Tetris Game for Windows Mobile

During my last two business trips (to Barcelona for TechEd and Mexico for ReMix) I was way too bored on the plane and since I recently got my Motorola Q9 (which is a sweet Windows Mobile Phone) decided to write myself a Tetris game and to port my Sudoku game to Windows Mobile as a way to do my "first steps" in the .NET Compact Framework.

To my surprise it was really easy to write them and even more to port the desktop version of Sudoku to run in all the .NET Compact Framework platforms.

Since holidays are coming I thought of share them as a gift for this holiday's season.

Bottom line (with the risk of sounding like a marketing dude, which I'm not) .NET is a cool technology that makes it really easy to code for many devices, from high-end servers to hand held devices to mobile phones. In this case, I have tested these applications with a Pocket PC, Smartphone 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6. And best of all, the code base is pretty much the same as the Desktop version.

You can install both games by browsing from your mobile device to where you will find instructions on how to install the .cab files, or just click the images below to go to the download page for each game.

Sudoku for Windows Mobile            Tetris for Windows Mobile

 Happy holidays!



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