It has been a long time since last post

Wow, just realized that in the last 6 months I’ve only had a chance to post 2 items and I think it is about time to start this going again.

So why this much silence? Well, About 8 months ago a couple of big changes happened at my division as described in this link. As part of that transition my responsibilities changed and I transitioned from being the Development Manager for the Web Platform (IIS, WebMatrix, WebDeploy, etc…) to take a new role and start a new team that we called Azure UX team. Our team is in charge of reimagining the Windows Azure User Experience and we stated on a mission to really make it even better. As part of that we’ve been super busy delivering a set of projects, some of which we released in December such as our brand new Windows Azure web site at and the new Windows Azure Billing Web site at, several updates to the Windows Azure Management Portal at and some that have not yet been released.

These last months have been quite a ride, I feel privileged of having been part of the IIS family and community and its multiple releases since even before Windows Vista shipped, 7, 7.5, ARR, URL Rewrite, Web Deploy, WebMatrix, WebPI, IIS Media Services, FTP, WebDAV, SEO Toolkit, WFF, FastCGI, WinCache, AdminPack, PowerShell, Database Manager, Dynamic IP Restrictions, and many many more releases my team delivered, and obviously, the awesome new version in Windows 8. I will always remain close to all of them, both the people, the products, and the community.

At the same time, I’m extremely happy and excited to also have now a chance to be part of such an amazing group of people the AUX team, a very fast pace, dedicated and professional group, working on a new mission that will influence so deeply the shape of the cloud.

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