is live!

Today we launched our first public team web site. 
In this web site we are publishing a lot of interesting content, from walkthroughs to videos targeting IT professionals, Web Hosters and of course my favorite… developers.

Some of my favorites are:

Configuration Overview

IIS7 Module Overview

ASP.NET Integration with IIS7

Overview of Runtime Status and Control Data

How to Use Microsoft.Web.Administration

And the ones I worked at:

IIS 7 Admin Tool Extensibility

Creating a Simple UI Module

Creating a Module Page for IIS7 Administration Tool

Adding Configuration Functionality to IIS7 Admin Tool Extensions

Take a look and provide us with any feedback of the content and any ideas you have for the site. We really want to engage all the community, developers, IT professionals, Web Hosters so that we can create a better product for all of you.


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